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Food Grade Hydraulic Lubricants

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Theindustriallubricantstore carries an extensive selection of food grade hydraulic oils including the following series Premium AW FG, Royal Crown Tech Plus AW, and PAO AW FG. These food grade lubricants set new standards for quality and performance in the food and beverage processing industries.

LubricantPros food grade hydraulic oils are blended specifically for hydraulic as well as circulating applications in the food and beverage industry. Featuring rapid water separation, reliable surface adhesion, and superior protection against sludge formation, wear, rust and corrosion, these food grade oils are approved and registered by the USDA and NSF.

Our Products

Synthetic PAO Food Grade Hydraulic Oils

Fully synthetic food-grade hydraulic oils

Semi-Synthetic Food Grade Hydraulic Oils

Semi-synthetic food-grade hydraulic oils